Camp Fees

Laurel Camp Fees

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Camp Fee Calculator:

For each week, calculate the number of payment units attending camp from your immediate family*.

Calculate Your Payment Units:

  • Age 13 and above = 1 Unit
  • Ages 4-12 = Half Unit
  • Ages 3 & under = Free

Age of child = age of child on August 31st.

Family Income Fee Chart


Up to $40K



Over 100K

Up to 1 unit





1.5 units





2 units





2.5 or 3 units





3.5 or 4 units





4.5 or 5 units





5.5 to 6.5





7 +





Come to Laurel!
Scholarships available upon request. Also, please contact us if you want to help those in need to attend Laurel.



Laurel is geared towards families, with a progressive rate structure to accommodate families. We love to introduce new people to Laurel, of course. Bringing guests, or your adult children, etc. is great, but you do not get a family-rate-break for them.

You can register additional people (friends, guests, young adults, etc.) whom you do NOT claim as a dependent for tax purposes. Each additional guest will need a registration form for them (separate forms for separate familes). For the forms of those additional people, Family Income is the income of the family/person that claims them as a dependent for tax purposes.

These rules are not meant to discourage people from coming; it’s just that guests and your young adults that you don’t support don’t get the cut-rate that you get for additional family members whom you do support. The cost to Laurel for a person at camp is closer to the initial single unit price, as opposed to the incremental value from 5 to 6 units, for example. We have progressive rates to allow families to afford to bring their own kids! And to allow everyone to pay their fair share.