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Our Mission:

Building community through Christian family camps, based on the Lord’s word, including the Heavenly Doctrine as revealed through Emmanuel Swedenborg.

Hello Laurelites!

I am very excited about our theme this year: POWER.

We are taught that power truly has only one source – the Divine. In the abstract, this is an appealing idea and not too hard to accept, but we keenly experience power dynamics in our lives when we exercise it, and when it is exercised on us.

The concept of power is deeply ingrained in our consciousness; it is in the news every day, we can see and experience the effects of its use and abuse, and it profoundly impacts our sense of self and our relationships on all levels. It is intimately tied to our sense of freedom and even our very ability to exist. Is it an illusion that we have power, and that others have power over us? It sure feels real.

What could it mean that power – personal power, political power, the power of love and hate, the power to make a difference – what could it mean that all of this power is from one source?

How do we make use of (what sure seems to be) our own power? How do we make sense of the differences in power that we perceive, and the pain and suffering that we experience from its apparent absence? Can a deeper understanding of power transform our lives?